Simple and Clean User Interface

  • A simple and clean design makes PhilanTrack grants management software intuitive and easy to learn for all new users
  • Summary information is cleanly presented. Get a bird’s eye view on all the information you need to know and make faster decisions about what you need to do next

The Speed and Convenience of the Cloud without Sacrificing Security

  • Strict password requirements
  • All data is encrypted and transferred through a secure sockets layer (SSL)
  • Automated nightly backups are encrypted and transferred to a secure remote location

Streamlined Grantee Management

  • Easy access to grantee information
  • Automated verification of 501(c)(3) status and program eligibility
  • View updated grantee information, as grantees enter and update their own information through PhilanTrack’s online interface
  • Activity history with a given grantee for all grants awarded, proposals reviewed, and progress reports received

Complete Proposal Management

  • Request and accept proposals online
  • See when proposals are due, and which proposals are outstanding;
  • Tailor applicant questionnaires for thorough review
  • Make informed funding decisions based on grantee responses and comparable information
  • Review documents uploaded by grantees, including annual reports and audited financials

Efficient and Thorough Progress Reporting

  • Enhance communications with grantees with online progress reporting
  • Notification when reports are due, and which reports are outstanding
  • Automated reminders sent to grantees when reports or updates are due
  • Effectively and transparently collect information about grantee progress, and facilitate evaluation and impact measurement

Dynamic Report Generation

  • Easily review and evaluate grant program impact with customizable reports that include summaries, graphs, and charts
  • Aggregate grantee information for key staff, trustees, and other stakeholders with a couple of button clicks

Insightful Financial Analysis

  • Evaluate the financial health and performance of applicants and grantees with PhilanTrack’s innovative financial analysis tool.