Moving into a web-based solution isn’t a plunge, but an ascent into greater efficiency. Here are six benefits you can achieve when you choose PhilanTrack to streamline your grants management:

More net grant dollars are directed to program and service delivery

There’s a difference between the proposed grant amount and the actual net grant when it’s finally awarded. But by using PhilanTrack to reduce the time and cost of pursuing and managing the grant itself, both grantseekers and grantmakers together can maximize their resources for years to come. It means that more net grant dollars can be directed to programs and services.

Minimize environmental impact while maximizing social impact

When you move your grants administration online, you drastically also reduce paperwork and printing costs — for both your organization and your grantees.

Trust the power of the cloud to streamline your processes

Developing our tools in the cloud is what gives us the speed and reliability to streamline your grants in the first place. It helps us rapidly address new problems, make improvements, and deploy new innovative features. This also means we can support you faster so that you can get back to what you do best.

Keep your infrastructure spending low

Web-based tools are cost-effective. There’s no need to install anything on your computers. PhilanTech handles all the IT and maintenance on their side so that your staff can devote more time to grant-related activities.

Share information faster with stakeholders

Gathering and consolidating your data online can improve staff productivity. First, it reduces errors when applicants submit information according to your requirements. Second, board members and trustees can now quickly access all grantee information directly from PhilanTrack’s system. This reduces the need to print out paper copies every time.

Make quicker and informed decisions with grantees

Even processes like eligibility and ongoing compliance can be smoothly addressed.  Quickly filter out unqualified proposals or move ahead with potential grantees that meet your requirements.