Grants Management Software

A Deep Understanding of Grantmakers and Grantees

The key to streamlining grants management comes from our deep understanding of the funding relationship through the perspectives of both grantmakers and grantees. This kind of insight benefits the whole grant management process because by knowing how the other party works with their information and processes, we have designed a solution that helps them work more fluidly and expediently together.

Staffed by Entrepreneurs and Foundation Professionals

PhilanTech is staffed by entrepreneurs and foundation professionals with a unique take on innovating the grant management space. Our combined experience reflects in the way we help both grantmakers and grantees stay productive so that they can get things done, too.

We’re a Certified B Corporation

We’re the first grants management software company to receive this certification, which means that we’re a socially- and environmentally-responsible company.  Our values are aligned with yours.  We use technology to creatively solve some of the toughest problems that stifle effective grantseeking. Not only do we think about how we can reduce impact on the environment, but how we can use technology to multiply both return and social impact.